Playout as a Service

No need for buying complex playout systems, no need to hire additional employees. Use the already equipped Sofia Data Center Digital Headend platform.

Center offers content protection, continuity and delivery to our customers at any time, in the right format.

The client: WNESS TV


WNESS TV is about a healthy lifestyle – yoga, fitness, wellness, and beauty. It aims to make people more inspired and happier. The target group is middle and upper-income people, who devote love and care to themselves, understanding the need for a healthy lifestyle (in Central & Eastern Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa), who work out and prefer a healthy diet.

The Challenges

The Challenges

Buying all the professional equipment needed to set up the channel was beyond the client's budget.
Sysadmins to install and support the system on a 24/7 basis.
A further problem was getting the software for EPG creation and AD insertion. So was the lack of channel distribution.
A start-up operation like WNESS does not have the facilities of big players like the BBC and the Discovery Channel - studios, playout centres, technicians, satellite feeds.

The Solution

The Solution

Neterra offered WNESS playout equipment on a rental basis and 24/7 support from the Video Services Operations Center (VSOC). The software for EPG creation, Ad insertion, was included in the deal.

For the channel distribution, instead of a satellite feed, the Europe-wide NetIX network was used. This solution granted them coverage in Europe and parts of the Middle East at affordable prices.

The Results

The WNESS TV sevice was launched in 3 months and within budget. The VSOC as a service ensures uninterruptable operation 24/7 and adresses all challenges originating from the system’s upgrades to deliver superior quality of TV content.

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