Connectivity for Republic of Korea Embassies across Europe

The customer:

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea helps its citizens living or travelling abroad with consular services such as the issuance of emergency passports, accepting ballots for elections, birth, death, and marriage registration, tax filing, notarizing documents, and more. 

The challenge:

The challenge:

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea needs to interconnect their global Embassy network and provide connectivity between South Korea and the rest of the world. Their key challenges include:   

Last mile access – As embassies are usually located in ex-residential or older listed buildings and unlikely to have fiber connectivity to the premise, a provider with last-mile local access would be required, in addition to their global connectivity needs. 

Global network reach – Building a comprehensive network presence including hard-to-reach sites in Europe, such as in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Caucasus is necessary. 

High security – Strict compliance to security checks and clearances is required given the nature of embassies. Site visits must be organized in advance, with thorough background checks performed on the engineers that are configuring and deploying on-site solutions. 

Timeline – Long lead times and high costs quoted by incumbent network providers in the respective embassies’ countries were a deterrent to implementing connectivity solutions. 

Complexity – The requirement for a simplified and efficient connectivity solution; minimizing the number of network partner relationships and contracts to manage was critical. 

The Solution

The Korean Embassy assigns the task to KT Corp. One of the companies in its portfolio is Epsilon, a provider of fully managed connectivity services with automation, orchestration, and end-to-end service delivery, ensuring consistent and reliable connectivity to the world’s leading data centers, clouds and Internet Exchanges. 

Epsilon's network is well-developed in the Asia-Pacific region, including China. For Europe and other regions of the world, they use their partnership with Neterra, which also has an extensive global network. To Epsilon's connectivity (over 280 points of presence worldwide), Neterra contributes both its network and European experience, as well as solutions to meet each embassy's technical requirements. 

Epsilon and Neterra identify the addresses of those embassies for which Neterra will provide e-line & DIA. Neterra then creates end-to-end solutions for each specific embassy and serves as a single point of contact. 

The result:

Thanks to the cooperation with Neterra and Epsilon, the Embassies of the Republic of Korea receive quality global connectivity solutions. The country can now exchange data quickly and securely between its embassies in Europe and the rest of the world through a high-quality, simple, and cost-effective solution. 

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Connectivity for Republic of Korea Embassies across Europe

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