Online Film Festival - mission possible!

CineLibri is the only film and literature festival of its kind hosted in Bulgaria every year. In 2020, CineLibri celebrated its sixth edition under the motto "Education of feelings". This year also marked the first time it was available online from all over the country.

"Despite the complex situation in cinema worldwide, this year 

almost all genres in cinema and literature were presented in the program of CineLibri, and every film and each screened book found its fans! We celebrated significant anniversaries, we welcomed famous artists - albeit remotely, we immersed ourselves in the art of different cultures," commented the organizer of the festival, Jacqueline Wagenstein.

The Client

The audience of the CineLibri festival is made up of fans of both the cinematic experience in cinemas and literary works. 

The Challenges

The Challenges

  • Under the conditions of a pandemic and the limited visits to the cinemas, the organizers of CineLibri needed a hybrid solution which would include combined cinema screenings and a platform in which the festival would be available online in order to increase revenue.

  • The organizers faced difficulties in negotiating the rights to broadcast movie titles online in order to meet the demands of their audience in the digital environment. 

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