We do

Satellite Uplink/DownlinkWe provide end-to-end solutions for White label DTH for TV and Internet services, distribution and channel acquisition in redundant schemes for outstanding SLAs.

VSATA very small aperture terminals that can be used on remote or owned locations for one or bi-directional communication links. We can build a star, mesh or combination of both networks depending on the project we have.

Satellite BackhaulDesigned for anyone, from mobile operator to local ISPs who wish to expand their reach and profitability to areas without terrestrial infrastructure.

Neterra's Sofia Teleport was built the year 2000 as the first independent carrier neutral communications hub in Bulgaria.

The teleport has an antenna field with 3.7m and 4.6m uplink antennas in extended Ku-band and DBS bands.

We own a lot of C- and Ku-band professional Rx antennas with sizes from 1,2 up to 3,7m at secondary field with capability for automatic downlink redundancy (geographically separated antenna fields for high service availability).

Our engineers constantly monitor sources and processing capabilities of the whole system from input to demarcation points. They are proud of the completely developed and maintained by themselves M&C systems which provide detailed statistics and logging that can be analyzed at any time because they are instantly recorded in different databases.

Your service availability is increased because of the fast debugging reaction time to any issue that can arise.

Geo Visibility from Bulgaria for the satellite arc from 40° West to 90° East