How it works?

In order to provide the service, Neterra uses its IP transit service delivery platform, build on top of its nationwide and Pan-European transport network.

The customer traffic is forwarded to three types of next hops - onnet, direct peers and upstream providers. Neterra constantly adds new direct peers, so that the minimal path length of the routed packets can be maintained.

Inside Neterra's own infrastructure node (gateway) protection as well as path protection are implemented for guaranteeing the high service availability.


  • Fully guaranteed capacity;
  • Symmetry - the same speed of inbound and outbound traffic;
  • High-speed, secure and reliable service;
  • Use of optical transmission media to ensure maximum quality;
  • Full range of international routes, using the principle of "the most direct connectivity";
  • Connection to two independent routers for international Internet space and two for the Bulgarian Internet space, in order to guarantee 100% of service;
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance of the network by the highly skilled engineering team of Neterra.

Specifications and Technical Support

  • Direct connectivity to the major Tier1 providers - Global Crossing, Level 3 Communications, Tinet SpA, TI Sparkle and Deutsche Telekom;
  • Presence in the four largest Internet Exchange Points in Europe - Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London and Paris;
  • Over 550 direct peering partners;
  • Web based, automatic system for monitoring of Neterra's network (Neterra Online Monitoring System), available at;
  • Notification of problems, registration and recommendation for resolving them;
  • Registration of actions taken to solve the problem and prompt customer notification about the status of the resolving problems.