How does it work?

The system includes localization and monitoring of different vehicle parameters, as well as additional functionalities for fleet organization and administration

The service is aimed at companies with fleet, transport and spedition providers, owning or leasing construction and agricultural machinery. The GPS service is suitable for both small and large enterprises.


Reduce costs with up to 20%

The system provides exact monitoring of the engine work, as it is connected to the vehicle's computer. This is how we derive accurate information for different parameters - fuel consumption, engine turnover, break system, axis workload, cooling temperature, cruise control and others. Based on the data collected, the system sends signals to the driver, advising on the optimal usage of the vehicle as to reduce fuel intake and not to overload the engine. This can completely change the driver's driving habits and slow down fleet amortization.

Optimizing spedition

Through the extremely easy to use GPS system that enables overall fleet organization and reporting.

Neterra's GPS service offers free communication between the office and the driver through Garmin navigation system, sending messages and addresses as well as navigation. This is how the spedition process is optimized and the driver is informed..

Neterra's GPS service helps agricultural producers with a functionality to calculate the treated fields and exact fuel consumption for a certain time period, distance and area.

Reports and notices

Real-time reports for certain periods of time with overall information on the route - time, distance, stops, time and place of idle time, speed, fuel consumption, engine workload, etc.

The GPS ensures the driver's security and prevents vehicle theft. The customers receive notices every time a door is opened or closed, when deviation of the planned route occur. You can always check whether the engine is working and who is driving the vehicle.

The system keeps data for each vehicle's maintenance and reminds the client when it needs attention - oil change, annual technical check-up, insurance, etc.

Full information is available to our customer on every computer, smartphone or tablet with Internet access.

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