Team Vrkolak are playing FIFA20 qualifications at the Sofia Data Center

Neterra provides housing and high speed internet for two professional players for their flying start in qualifications of a prestigious FIFA20 international tournament

Neterra provides playing location and high-speed internet to two professional e-sports players of FIFA20 tournaments.

The independent Bulgarian telecom supports the e-sports club Team Vrkolak by setting them up to compete directly in the Sofia Data Center. Internet access is provided there both through a direct connection and through a purpose-built Wi-Fi network.

This weekend, Nikolay Ludzhev and Stilyan Vasilev from Team Vrkolak are going to play in the first qualifications. Over the course of several weeks, they will accumulate points. Their goal is to rank among the 64 best racers in the world, who will compete offline for the FIFA20 title in November 2019.

Georgi Zhelev from the management team of the e-sports club Team Vrkolak commented: "We chose Neterra because they offer the best and most reliable internet in Bulgaria. For us, this is of the utmost importance – when we have the best Internet, we are ahead of the game comparing to our competitors who rely on an average connection.

Since we practiced at the Sofia Data Center, our players have had great motivation. They said the internet was extraterrestrial and aspired them to become world champions! As a manager, I am very pleased to have found something else to motivate these young people to compete professionally. We also tried streaming through Neterra, and everything went perfect. "

Team Vrkolak is planning to use Neterra’s Internet at their new office, where they will relocate from 1st November. "The bad internet predisposes teens who put more emotion into the game to rage. They get angry and sometimes start to ruin things around them. We want to teach everyone to play with pleasure and to practice healthy gaming. To this end, we take into account various components, one of them being the high-speed, fast and reliable internet.” - Georgi Zhelev added.

Team Vrkolak are playing FIFA20 qualifications at the Sofia Data Center

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