Wi-Fi networks are competitive to 5G, times cheaper as well

They can complement the mobile networks very well, not to replace them, said Neterra’s manager Neven Dilkov

"The future of European connectivity lies in different technologies – 5G, optical connectivity, Wi-Fi. When it comes to 5G, it's usually about small delays and gigabit connectivity. This is quite possible to be achieved right now. We can deliver it through our existing infrastructure to all Neterra’s customers" - Neven Dilkov, founder and manager of Neterra, said at the Regional Seminar: "Connecting Europe Facility 2 (CEF 2): New digital capabilities".

According to him, Wi-Fi technologies, owned by not licensed as mobile carriers telecoms, can bring close, if not better, results for the end users than many mobile networks. One of the great advantages of Wi-Fi networks is that in 90% of the cases they are more cost-effective. "This does not mean that they should replace mobile networks, but they can complement them very well", Neven Dilkov specified.

Bulgaria is one of the top countries, concerning access to a fast Internet. 96% of the population is able to use the Internet with more than 4 megabits per second. By this indicator, Bulgaria is second in the EU and 7th in the world.

“Unlike many other countries, this situation in Bulgaria is a result of the competition and the existence of over 800 telecommunication service providers. The EU's role is to encourage and support such market developments in order to achieve the necessary connectivity in line with all ambitious plans and deadlines, set by the EC" - added Neterra’s manager.

The seminar "Connecting Europe Facility 2 (CEF 2): New digital capabilities" was organized by the Ministry of Transport, Information and Communication with the assistance of the Directorate-General for Communication Networks, Content and Technology at the European Commission and the European Network of Competent Services in the area of broadband.

Wi-Fi networks are competitive to 5G, times cheaper as well

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