Neven Dilkov will speak at telco forum Capacity Eurasia on 18 September

Meet the team of Neterra at industry events in Kazahstan (3-4 Sept.), Madrid (11-12 Sept.), Istanbul (17-18 Sept.)

Neven Dilkov, the founder and manager of Neterra, is a speaker in the panel discussion “Eastern Europe in the age of disruption, key strategies to keep up with innovation”. The session starts at 11.30am on 18th September, during the conference Capacity Eurasia in Istanbul, Turkey (17-18 September 2019). Capacity Eurasia is the only dedicated executive telecoms meeting with an exclusive focus on the Eurasian Digital Silk Road.

Wael Hasan and Miglena Dogan from Neterra’s team are also attending the event. They are looking forward to networking, meeting, and partnering with colleagues from carriers, data centers, cloud & content providers, IXP’s, vendors and other enterprises.

Tsvetelina Ivanova and Violeta Ivanova are excited about Neterra’s first time at the Carrier Community’s GCCM CIS 2019, which will take place in Almaty, Kazakhstan, between 3rd and 4th September. They will meet with leading telco professionals and companies.

On 11-12 September Neterra’s representatives will be at WWC 2019 in Madrid, Spain. WWC is an event with participants from all areas of the Wholesale Telecom Industry including Tier 1, 2 and 3 carriers, mobile/wireless operators, ISPs, VoIP providers, etc. Please do not hesitate to contact Rusin Rusinov and Dilyana Icherenska to organize a meeting with them during the event.

Neven Dilkov will speak at telco forum Capacity Eurasia on 18 September

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