How to Protect My Business from Cyber Attacks?

Neterra offers trustworthy solutions for protection of Your business from cyber attacks

Another massive ransomware outbreak swept the globe this week affecting critical institutions and businesses around the world.

How does it work?

When a computer is infected, the ransomware encrypts important documents and files. Usually, the information is not deleted, but encrypted. To release it, the victims must pay a certain ransom, typically in bitcoins, to receive a digital key that will decrypt the files. If the victims haven't backed up their information, they got two alternatives – either pay the ransom or lose all their data.

Neterra offers trustworthy solutions for protection of cyber attacks of this nature

1. Full Backup of Your Servers

You can use Cloud or Dedicated server provided by Neterra. In that case, Your data will be stored in safe and secure data centre infrastructure.

2. Choose Cloud or Dedicated server

Your choice of services depends on your information load which your business supports
Cloud Servers allow to define yourself the scale of Your resources and pay only as much as you use. Reduce unnecessary expenses on IT infrastructure and maintenance. Neterra offers secured and reliable dedicated servers maintained by highly qualified specialists through flexible IT services

3. Storage

Use as much free storage space as you need to provide the best environment for the critical data of your business. For more information, contact us at or order now at

Neterra offers solutions against other cyber attacks - DDoS

The DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is any malicious attempt to fully or partially impair the service or the access to your equipment of your customers. In more than 50% of the cases, DDoS attacks are being used to mask up someone's attempt to steal your company's data, financial or intellectual property.

The DDoS solution of Neterra has several benefits:

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How to Protect My Business from Cyber Attacks?

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