Neterra's Cloudware has a new website and service

Now you can rent a server and get it ready for use in about 15 minutes refreshed its website`s design and launched a new service: automated bare metal provisioning for dedicated servers. It makes the process of renting and setting up a server a lot simpler and faster. The preparation time is reduced to approximately 15 min.

And in the end, you receive access to a ready server with an installed OS of your choice. No additional wait time or setup needed.

If you have very specific requests, then the wait time might be longer. But in the vast majority of cases Cloudware is able to provide the requested configuration and OS within the hour, ready for work. Cloudware aims to fully automate the entire process and make it as fast as possible.

The benefits of Cloudware’s cloud and dedicated servers:

Cloudware’s dedicated servers are located in Sofia Data Center (SDC) where they get properly taken care of. Reliability is key and all of the servers are built with high-quality components and stress-tested.

The results are quite telling. Most servers in SDC work without interruptions for years. One of the record holders is a server with an uninterrupted 7-year uptime.

Renting and setting up a dedicated server is now even cheaper and easier. This makes these types of services accessible to more and more companies of all sizes and industries, globally. So, be sure to check Cloudware’s offers out and pick your server today.

Neterra's Cloudware has a new website and service

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