Students from the Sofia University impressed Neterra's managers with ideas for Netfleet

The jury honored Veneta Ilieva and Nelly Tankova`s proposal as the most useful for the company's clients

Four team of students from the Master Program ‘Modeling Big Data in Business and Finance (Business Analytics)’ at the Faculty of Economics of the Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’ analyzed more than 4 GB of anonymous telematic data. This information was generated by the GPS tracking platform Netfleet. The participants proposed original ideas and solutions for how to use this data in the most effective and customer-friendly way.

The jury consisted of Neterra's managers: Neven Dilkov - founder and manager of the company, Marinella Georgieva - Chief Operating Officer, Maya Kalcheva - Marketing and Communications Manager, and two representatives of Netfleet - Marian Rangelov and Martin Hailezov, accessed the presentations.

The first team was represented by Vladimir Zachov, Ralitsa Nikiforova and Kristian Iliev, the second one - by Veneta Ilieva and Neli Tankova, the third one – by Kiril Genov, Maria Yolova, Nikolay Stefanov, Stefani Poycheva, and the fourth one - by Sonia Ilieva, Lyudmila Dimeva, Valentina Pavlova , Daria Schultz and Preslava Sergeeva.

Head of the students is Associate Professor Boryana Bogdanova – lecturer at the Faculty of Economics at Sofia University.

All four groups had done well with Neterra's task – to analyze the data provided by the Netfleet platform and to give ideas on how to make this data more useful for customers.

The jury gave the highest mark to the second team (Veneta Ilieva and Neli Tankova).

After showing their presentations, the students visited one of the Neterra`s data centers - Sofia Data Center.

The four groups of students worked on Neterra's real business case study in accordance with the recently concluded agreement on co-operation between Neterra and Sofia University.

Students from the Sofia University impressed Neterra's managers with ideas for Netfleet

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