Neven Dilkov talked about entrepreneurship with students from the American University

Neven Dilkov, Neterra`s founder, run an introductory lecture before the Job Fair event, which featured more than 60 companies

Neterra`s Managing Director, Neven Dilkov ran a lecture about Entrepreneurship and First Steps in Business in front of students from the Business Club and the Olympics Club, part of the American University in Blagoevgrad. This was the introductory lecture before the Job Fair. The annual job fair is a traditional university event that gives an opportunity for current and graduate students to meet with promising employers.

During the meeting with Neven Dilkov, young people showed a keen interest on learning more about entrepreneurship, i.e. coping with difficult business situations and the secret of success. The students asked many questions and the lecture lasted for nearly two hours as a continuous discussion. Neven gave them valuable guidance on how to start a new business or how to be productive in an existing one.

Neterra`s founder shared his personal business story with the students, starting from the very beginning. Neven left his well-paid job in Chicago to return and start a business in Bulgaria by setting up his first company. This attempt was not successful. However, afterwards Neven came up with an idea to sell the Internet that he originally provided for himself to other companies. This decision turned Neterra into the first independent Internet provider in Bulgaria. Neven spoke not only about the rise of his company, but he also mentioned the difficult times.

After Neven's lecture, Neterra's Human Resources specialists took part in the Job Fair. They talked and exchanged contacts with current and former American University students who wanted to start an internship or a permanent job at Neterra. This spring the fair took place on April 3 and more than 60 companies took part in the event.

Neven Dilkov talked about entrepreneurship with students from the American University

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