Netfleet captured the attention of students in Business Analytics

Professor Boryana Bogdanova and Mariyan Rangelov launched the first joined project between Sofia University and Netfleet

Neterra attracted the interest of students from the Master's program Business Analytics, part of the Faculty of Economics at Sofia University.

The company ran a presentation about its service Netfleet — a platform that focuses on GPS tracking, control and analysis of moving objects that Neterra's customers use to manage their car fleets. The service is well popular among companies that own car fleets.

Netfleet`s clients are not only supplied with up-to-date and reliable information about the exact vehicle location, but also these customers are given the chance to track online nearly 50 metrics in real-time. Some of these metrics include fuel consumption, direction of travel, altitude, engine speed, acceleration, seat belts, speed restrictions, lights, when and how brakes are used, and so on.

In compliance with the recently signed cooperation agreement between Neterra and Sofia University, two representatives of Netfleet - Mariyan Rangelov and Martin Heylezov, explained how the platform works to the future Business Analytics Masters. Mariyan and Martin provided the students with over 4 gigabytes of anonymous metric data, generated by the Netfleet platform. Finally, Mariyan and Martin challenged the attendees with a complex but interesting intellectual question - to suggest analytical references and metrics, related to a real business case. These metrics and references aim to help the Netfleet users with their fleet management decisions.

After the presentation, some of the students were extremely well prepared. They asked hard, complex and very innovative questions. This was followed by an interesting discussion. There were also students who were willing to develop a Master's thesis on a case study related to Neterra's activities and Netfleet`s service.

Netfleet captured the attention of students in Business Analytics

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